The Treasury of Yakutia is an integral part of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) State Fund, which is the collection of unique gems, nuggets of precious metals and jewelry. Here you can have a look not only at the mineral wealth of our region, best works of the Yakut craftsmen, but also at the results of complex technology’s usage of processing various precious metals and stones, animal bones and mammoth tusk, as well as souvenirs made of base metals.
Welcome to the site of the Treasury of Yakutia!


Hall of history of mining and precious metals processing

Precious metals are a universally recognized symbol of wealth, the main material and raw material for jewelry. One can see precious metals in all forms and displays in this room. These are unique natural nuggets, banking standards, amazing jewelry and household items of the ancient Yakut people. There are also items from the collection of mammoth tusk.


Hall of exclusive products

The name of the hall speaks for itself . The best works of authorship are collected here- the winners of all-Russian jewelry competitions and exhibitions of different years.


Hall of rough diamonds, diamonds and gemstones

Natural rough diamonds are represented the exhibition showcase: large unique stones and stones for industry, placers of diamonds with all the colors of the rainbow, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, all the splendor of the gems mined only in Yakutia.